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Busy? No time to shop for, write and mail birthday cards or thank you notes to your family, your friends, your business sphere? Well now you can with a click of your mouse! From one card to thousands, in minutes! And in your own handwriting, too!!!

This is a must-have for my real estate agent friends who want to have a life! We are developing a line geared specifically towards real estate agents.

Watch the short video and contact me with your questions.

Dawn Judge



For the first three of the last five years, I was an active Realtor®. For the most part, I really enjoyed being a Realtor®. I learned so much…so much. I am so lucky to have landed under the leadership of Todd Long. Todd is very technologically gifted and he taught all of his agents, who were willing, how to use technology to our greatest advantage. I’m surprised my brain didn’t explode with all the knowledge that I shoved into it!

I came to real estate from a retail background. The things I had going for me were that I was always a hard worker and I love learning. I’ve taken classes regularly throughout my lifetime just for the sake of learning something new.

Good grades had always come easily to me, so I was shocked when I failed my first quiz in class. Well, I couldn’t believe it! What happened?! As the instructor went over the quiz with us, we realized we were all fooled by trick questions. The class was indignant! “Why would you trick us, don’t you want us to pass?!” someone cried out. The instructor let us know that this was for our own good because in real estate people will try to trick you. If they succeed, you may be liable. OOOhhhhh!

After that first quiz, I really buckled down. I studied for 10 hrs a day and six days a week. I really was determined to pass this class and my state exam on the first try. I couldn’t afford to retake them; they were costly.

Well, thankfully I passed the class and my state exam on the first try. (From what I understand, it is not uncommon to have to retake one or the other or even both.) I worked very hard and I am proud of this accomplishment.

In class, the instructor told us to negotiate our commission percentage. He used examples of 75%. (If only I knew then what I know now.) Basically, you start out at 50%. Not so bad, I thought, I’m knew…gotta learn the ropes…it’s fair. What you don’t realize is that you get 50% after everyone has taken their cut of the commission. The other realty office gets 50% and your office gets 50%. Then your company takes a 6% franchise fee, then your company splits whats left with you 50/50. You pay for all of your own advertising and marketing; including but not limited to…signs, business cards, flyers, periodicals, postage, lock boxes, flyer boxes, gas, photography, etc,etc. You pay for mandatory continuing education update classes and all necessary licenses. You pay to belong to the National Association of Realtors®, the Multiple Listing Services, the Regional Realtors Association®, the state’s Realtors® association.

Not to mention the fact that I got into real estate in 2007. The economy had started into a downward spiral. The housing market even tanked to a degree that had never happened before in U.S. history.

Long story short, my best year in real estate, I earned $15,000. Going into my third year, I found out the average agent earns $22,000/year. Not good! I worked every single day until at least 6pm. Most times until 9 pm and many times working well into the wee hours of the morning. I even showed a house once on Christmas! (I know, I’m a shmuck!) You get to the point when you’re scared to say no to a buyer, because you really need a paycheck. (You don’t get a paycheck unless you sell something.)

My third year in real estate, I found the best office for me. Keller Williams Realty Lake Norman/Mooresville. I liked everything about this office and it’s personnel. They gave back to the community regularly. They have profit sharing with the agents. (The only company that I know of that has profit sharing is Keller Williams.) The people running the company and office are honorable. Keller believes that God comes first, your family next, then work. (Until you can be strong enough to say “NO” to a would-be buyer, this is not really how the order goes. In fact, there’s a big joke in real estate about how everyone is divorced or soon will be.)

After my first year real estate anniversary, my husband lost his job. The company went out of business. He was out of work for a year and on unemployment. It was a great acheivement in the denial department. But it was an unbelievable struggle, financially, draining our life’s savings. I put our house up for sale as we neared the first anniversary of his unemployment. Two weeks later, he found a job. (Why didn’t I put the house up for sale a year ago?!! I kept believing that the economy would get better, that hubby would find a job, that I would have a sale…shmuck!) He worked at the new job for about a year and a half when they decided to close all the U.S. branches of the company and just keep production in their China branch! WTF!

This time I put the house up for sale straight away, but at a price that was what I wanted, not what I could get. But that’s ok, I didn’t really want to sell…I love my house. Then I got a call from my sister. “You need to come see Mom.” My Mom had suffered from breast cancer for the past five years. It seemed that the doctors believed that she wouldn’t be suffering much longer. My sister said to take a plane. I did.

Mom looked tired in the hospital bed. But she was still feisty. That’s what made it so unbelieveable…she was still Mom, still feisty and full of personality. The doctors were telling us that she probably wouldn’t last through the night, but that there was no way to know for sure. Her organs were turning to liquid and they didn’t understand how she could have been working all this time, let alone walk into the hospital on her own two feet. They urged us to put her into Hospice, but said that they could have a nurse visit once a week and teach us how to administer the medicine if we wanted to take her home.

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes when we told her we were putting her in hospice. I don’t even know if I can describe it…hurt, betrayal, fear and something that made me feel like she thought she was being discarded. I quickly went to her bedside and told her the option of having the nurse come to the house. She looked at my father and said with acceptance, “Whatever you think is best.” 

The hospice rooms were actually very attractive…like small apartments, not as stark and sterile-looking as the hospital room. It had faux maple wood cabinets and a big window with curtains and a shiny wood floor. I stayed with her the first niight because I didn’t want her to awaken in the night and be scared and alone. She did awaken and I was glad to be there. But she wasn’t scared. She was the bravest person I’ve ever known. That was the last time she was fully awake and alert.

The next couple of days I helped my dad make all the necessary arrangements. My plane home was due to leave on Friday. I thought I should cancel my flight because I didn’t think my Mom would make it through the weekend. But my uncle assured me that he’d get me back here when the time came. My Mom died Saturday evening.


Thought I’d share a Real Estate change with everyone

Beginning January 1st, 2011 North Carolina is changing the offer to purchase. This effects buyers as well as sellers. The current way the majority of people make a purchase has been eliminated. The only way to make a purchase after Jan 1st is by putting up money for the opportunity to make an offer. Called a Due Diligence Fee, basically you would pay the seller an agreed upon amount for the right to make a decision over a certain period of time. If you purchase the house this money is credited back to you at closing, if you don’t purchase the house the seller keeps the money. The money is only refundable to the buyer if the seller breaches the contract. This is not earnest money…this is an additional amount of money. During this period of time, you must conduct all inspections and research the property.

an example: I want to make an offer on a house. I have to pay the seller for the opportunity to make an offer. This can be any amount that he agrees to, including $0 (if he agrees) for any amount of time. Lets say He agrees to $500 for 1 week. I must conduct all my inspections and research of the property in the one week and make my decision whether I want to buy his house based on the results. If I don’t buy his house for any reason, seller keeps the $500. If I continue with the purchase the $500 gets credited back to me at closing.

This is still pretty new to all of us, so don’t feel silly about asking questions. We’ll find out the answers for you.


No worries…it’s so drastically a buyer’s market that sellers are accepting zero dollars as the “due diligence” fee. Sellers these days are just happy to get an offer at all. But when the tide turns to a sellers market it will be a whole different story!!!

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WOOHOO! I helped someone avoid foreclosure! WAIT! …LET ME SAY IT LOUDER!!!  WOOHOO!!! I HELPED SOMEONE AVOID FORECLOSURE!!!! WOOHOO!! I AM SO HAPPY & PROUD!!! My cup runneth over! 🙂

I am a Lake Norman Area REALTOR® in Mooresville, NC. For the past couple of years, meeting family after family in fear of losing their home has been very disheartening, to say the least. 

Real Estate Agents have to take a lot of classes to stay abreast of all the changes in the economy, loan programs, real estate, building trends, state and local planning and government programs. (It’s a good thing for me that I like school!) One class I took was a (Dept of Housing and Urban Development) HUD short sale/foreclosure class. In this particular foreclosure class, we learned how to help our clients to STAY IN THEIR HOMES…to avoid foreclosure via a government program! AWESOME! How promising! Of course, I gave out the program’s contact info on most of my marketing materials. However, I had never heard whether the program actually worked for anyone.

Well, today I learned that the advice I gave my clients helped them to stay in their home! The contact info that I learned at the HUD foreclosure class over a year ago had actually worked for someone! YAAY!! What a fulfilling feeling! I have a great sense of pride to have been able to help! Even though all I did was to direct them to a program, what a monumental effect it had on this family…and me! I am so grateful for the trust of my clients and the opportunity to help!

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Keller Williams Realty Cares!

Another example of why I love Keller Williams Realty! …

KW Cares story

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 Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website.  Then click on Foreclosure Rescue Scams under Your Home in upper right quadrant of page. Then watch video and/or read article. Obtain Hope Now contact info.


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Dawn Judge is a real estate broker with the Home Advantage Partners team of Keller Williams Realty – Mooresville

An agent in our office, Monica Besecker, was on her way to the office when she saw a lady and her children walking down the street with a stroller and groceries. She asked the woman if she’d like a ride. While taking the lady home, the agent learned the woman had just moved to the area. She’d just bought a car for $1500, but the transmission blew up. When our agent got back to the office, she sent out an email to our office’s 225 agents, asking if anyone had a clunker car that we could buy for this woman and her children. She sent the email around 3 or 4 pm, asking for donations. The next day by 4pm we were giving this woman and her children a very nice Isuzu Trooper SUV…red (a convenient coincidence!) and the extra $200 that the office had raised. This is the power of teamwork! This is the power of caring! This is the power of Keller Williams Mooresville!

We made this woman and her family feel good, for sure. But, best of all, we made us feel good! The best way to lift yourself up, is to lift up someone else! I was never more proud to be affiliated with a company. Apparently, Keller Williams does this kind of thing on a regular basis through their program called KWCares. I wish I had started my real estate career with Keller Williams, Mooresville!

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Many lenders have had to halt foreclosure proceedings until the lenders can prove they have complied with the proper procedures. But why hasn’t North Carolina halted foreclosures? 

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Check out this great info on the foreclosure market… a great real estate investment opportunity is knocking for buyers!

The REAL ESTATE related email you may have seen circulating about the energy-efficiency bill being retroactive on existing homes is inaccurate. This Bill is still in the house and is voluntary.

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